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Salesforce TrainerSalesforce training is a key part of any salesforce implementation because it is a prime driver of the adoption of the system. As with any CRM software, there is a learning curve for your sales and support teams. Sales reps are LASER-focused on their own income and therefore resist anything that makes it harder to achieve their sales goals. They also jealously guard their territory and accounts, since that is their source of income and the key to continued employment at your company. Making mandatory is not enough to insure complete adoption of the system and can sometimes cause resistance if the sales reps feel that the system is being forced on them. Tidewater Salesforce Consulting recommends involving your user community early in the process to find out what they want from a CRM software system and then customize salesforce to work the way they work. We will also import all their accounts and contacts into the system for them and integrate their mail client so they do not have to re-enter any data.

Salesforce Training for Users

Salesforce is an “account centric” CRM system whereas many sales reps are used to “contact centric” systems. It is important to give each user a 50,000 foot view of the salesforce CRM data flow so they understand how leads flow into the system and then become opportunities and accounts. Once they grasp this concept, the rest of the end-user salesforce training will be easy to accomplish. We also emphasize “what’s in it for you” to insure that users are excited by the ease of use, automation and ultimately higher sales they will achieve with the system.

Salesforce Administrator Training

Tidewater offers a very cost effective solution to salesforce administrator training. Although we can do most of your administration remotely, you may wish to train an internal administrator for some of the work, especially easier things like resetting passwords, etc. The salesforce administrator class from is very expensive and is taught by independent contractors with greatly varying knowledge and effectiveness. We can work with your administrator and get them up to speed for a fraction of the cost of formal training and without taking a week out of their busy schedule.





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Salesforce started out with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program and has now expanded into the "social enterprise arena".