Tidewater Salesforce Consulting includes Business Analysis, Data Migration, Salesforce Implementation, Third Party Application Integration, Salesforce Training, and Ongoing Salesforce Administration.


Salesforce Quick Start Implementation & Training

Tidewater Salesforce Consulting offers a very cost-effective program to get new Salesforce users up and running quickly.

Quick Start

The Quick Start begins with a kickoff meeting that includes key personnel to understand how your business functions. This allows us to properly plan the Salesforce implementation. Then we provide system overview training and a review of Salesforce terminology; customize your input screens; add new fields or remove unwanted fields; import account and contact data; perform end user training; develop 2 reports and 2 dashboards; and deliver administrator training. The quick start also includes these detailed activities:

User Setup & Screen Customization

Customize the Leads, Accounts, Opportunities and Contacts screens in the system to address the specific business requirements determined in the planning process. Eliminate any unwanted fields and add new fields as needed for your business model. Review the system with your staff as appropriate to determine if any other changes need to be made. Finalize. A maximum of 20 fields will be added in this phase. Simple formula fields will be added if needed.

Data Import & Security

Tidewater will then import all existing leads and accounts into the Salesforce.com system and will also capture business partners, customer service information and any other relevant data that is needed for the new system. Considerable thought must be given to the levels of security desired within the salesforce implementation: For example, should all sales reps see all leads or just the ones in their territory? Should marketing be allowed to make changes to accounts or should that information be “read only” for them?  What is the business hierarchy and how should information flow up to managers inside and outside of the sales and support organizations?

Reports & Dashboards

During the Salesforce implementation we will also configure 2 reports and 2 dashboards that give individual contributors and managers the slices of information they need to most effectively do their jobs.

Training (three sessions) & User Adoption Planning

Three 2-hour training sessions are included: Kickoff Training – User Training - Administrator Training. It is important that key users of the system be involved in the process to make sure the end result is something they want to use. If the team participates during the process, they feel a sense of ownership and will become advocates for Salesforce within your organization. The mark of a successful salesforce implementation is full user adoption of the system. It must make the sales reps’ jobs easier to do and make them more successful to offset the perception that the system causes loss of control over accounts and gives too much information to management. Because we have all been successful sales executives in the past, the Tidewater team understands the sales mentality and we understand that the reps will be asking “what’s in it for me.” Simply requiring adoption of the system only leads to passive-aggressive behavior and resistance to filling fields out accurately. Tidewater can insure that your salesforce implementation is a successful one.

Documentation & Support

Tidewater will provide documentation of the Salesforce.com system for present and future system administrators. We will document the changes to the “out of the box” system and provide it in a format that you can use as a reference.
In addition we will provide post “go-live” support in order to make sure you get out of the Quick Start running. We will provide telephone support to your administrator for two weeks after you go live. Although Salesforce.com has free support, the turn-around time is up to two days and many times several rounds of call-backs are needed just to establish contact. Tidewater has same-day turn-around and we can usually resolve any issues the same day. Only native English speakers are used. Additional support packages are available and recommended.

What's Not Included

There will be no automation scripts, visual force pages, profiles or permission sets, multiple page layouts, record types, campaigns, cases, quotes, products, price books, or custom objects in the Quick Start. All these are available at additional cost.

If you have any questions regarding the information presented here, please contact us at (978) 239-4485 or please visit tidewater-salesforce-consulting.com.



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Sales Features: What’s Not Available in Lightning Experience

* Account partners related list
* The Account Territories related list on account records
* HTML Email Status related list on person account records
* Contact roles on accounts (use Contacts to Multiple Accounts instead)
* The Manager External Account button
* Account Home reports and tools

* Campaign Influence 1.0 (Customizable Campaign Influence is available.)
* Add leads, contacts, or person accounts to campaigns from reports

* Contact Roles on Accounts
* Contact Roles on Cases
* HTML Email Status related list (email tracking)

* The Campaign lookup field is not available on the Lead page layout when creating leads.
* HTML Email Status related list (email tracking)
* When converting leads in Lightning Experience, newly created accounts are owned by the user who converts the lead, and not the lead owner.

* Big deal alerts
* Similar Opportunities

* When you clone an order with products, the products aren’t cloned. Clone the order, and then add products as needed to the new order.
* Status picklist values aren’t filtered based on an order’s status, so all status values appear in the picklist.
* The Draft and Activated status picklist values are required. To show users different labels for these picklist values, use Translation Workbench. You can also add other status picklist values.

Products and Price Books
* Lightning Experience merges a product’s standard and custom price book entries into a single Price Books related list. This is different from Salesforce Classic, which has separate related lists for Standard Prices and Price Books.

If you previously removed the Price Books related list because your org uses standard prices only, you should add it back to the Product page layout so your users can see standard prices in Lightning Experience.